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Who retweeted my tweets??

In my last article “The Big Social Buttons“, I have walked through the retweet button which allows us to share our favorite content with the world.

If you have used this button on your website or blog, you might always be interested that who along with you find your article interesting and shared among their followers. This article will explain you how exactly you can see who retweeted your tweets. So here we go:

1. Login to your twitter account.

Twitter login

Twitter login

2. On your twitter homepage, click on the “Retweets” link on sidebar as shown below.

Retweets link

Retweets link

3. This will take you to page where you can see three tabs -

a. Retweets by Others – What peoples are retweeting whom you follow.

b. Retweets by You – What has been retweeted by you.

c. Your tweets, retweeted – Which and who have retweeted your tweets.

Your tweets Retweeted

Your tweets Retweeted

4. Click on the last tab and voila, you can get the listing of all your tweets and the peoples who retweeted your tweets.

If you want to avoid lots of clicking and go there directly, bookmark the linkĀ

Thanks for reading this. For more tips n tricks, follow me @deepesh or @voidweb

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  • 2 responses to "Who retweeted my tweets??"

  • st_angel
    8:31 on July 30th, 2010

    it was very interesting to read
    I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
    And you et an account on Twitter?

  • Deepesh
    10:28 on July 31st, 2010

    sure, you can connect me on @voidweb or @deepesh

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