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Google dislikes .info domains

Google is not indexing .info domains

Update: Now after looking  into this some more time, it seems that google do index the .info domains but it do it less frequently then on .com’s.

This is what I am seeing recently. I have registered few high quality .info domains and thought of building some search engine optimized content on them. After a hard working week of putting good content, coding SEO optimized landing pages, generating sitemap when finally submitted to google, doesn’t worked out. The URL indexed in google webmaster tools still have a “-” in it with every passing week.

Enough of my frustration, now before you join anti-google movement after reading my lines above, it would be good if you go through this post first and then continue reading (I felt lazy to summarize the things this guy wrote, so bear with it please)

Why Would BANS Sites On INFO Domains Be Deindexed from Google

It is good for webmasters like us, that google take care of having proper content served to the users and  trying to reduce the index spam however, it would be also worthy that google do it in a different way rather than disliking .info domains.

By the way, if you are a webmaster or a domainer, try to prefer other tld’s over .info domain for now till the google comes up with some good solution. Hope this will save some of your bucks.

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