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mysqldump: Got error: 1016: Can’t open file: … (errno: 24) when using LOCK TABLES

Sometimes, when you have got a large number of tables in your database and while taking the dump of that particular database, you would have encountered this strange error

mysqldump: Got error: 1016: Can't open file: '.\database\certain_table.frm' (errno: 24) when using LOCK TABLES

There are two solutions to avoid this error

1. Set the following value to some higher number in your mysql database

set open-files-limit=20000

2. or, While taking the mysql dump, use –lock-tables=false option.

mysqldump --lock-tables=false -u root -p db-with-lots-of-tables > db.sql

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  • 4 responses to "mysqldump: Got error: 1016: Can’t open file: … (errno: 24) when using LOCK TABLES"

  • Luca
    16:18 on January 9th, 2012

    Actually the mysqldump flag is –lock-tables=false, not –lock-tables=off.

  • Japh
    10:03 on January 12th, 2012

    Hi, thanks for posting this solution it helped me out of a tight spot.

    I should say though that possibly the MySQL version has changed since your post (not sure when this was posted?), but I had to set –lock-tables=false

    I tried “off” first, and it gave me a message about invalid values and being ignored. Changing to “false” worked though.

    Thanks again!

  • Deepesh
    22:52 on January 12th, 2012

    @Japh and @Luca,

    Thanks, for old mysql databases i.e. 5.0.x it is –lock-tables=off.

  • kranthi
    13:27 on July 27th, 2012

    it’s worked for me


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